Experience True Breath

and live PAIN FREE!

I didn’t realize how stuck I was in my body until I got unstuck through Block Therapy. The hard core aerobics and running I used to do in my 20's and 30's resulted in injury in my 40's.
I thought I would have to live with chronic low back pain and a shoulder injury forever and then I found my true breath through Block Therapy. Now my daily routine is walking, blocking and whatever activity my body desires.

Lisa Rigaux

Hello, I'm Lisa Rigaux

Certified Block Therapy Instructor and Nutritionist

For the past 10 years I have coordinated nutrition research studies at a local hospital and it brings me so much joy to help patients through their dietary struggles with autoimmune conditions. Having an autoimmune disorder myself, I realize that controlling inflammation in the body is crucial to preventing disease. Block therapy, along with eating a mainly wholefoods diet has kept my inflammation in-check with my underlying Celiac disease. I want share this amazing bodywork practice with the rest of the world because I have seen how much it has helped me and many others with chronic pain.

What is Block Therapy?

It's an easy to follow bodywork practice that releases adhesions in the body's fascia as a result of stress, injury and aging. 

Through meditative breath and the position of the block on various areas of the body, restrictions break down resulting in increased oxygen and blood flow.


Each position the block is placed on the body will improve your alignment and range of motion, working to heal the tissue underneath. Your strength, flexibility and posture will improve and you'll feel great.

You are never too old to start
Block Therapy.

Try block therapy and enjoy doing all the activities you used to do when you were younger.
I offer beginner programs where you can do most of the sessions on your own with my guidance and individual sessions where we work together to build a program to fit your needs. 

What Others Say about Block Therapy

Less rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

After a couple of weeks of blocking I already feel an improvement in my posture and breathing. I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups a lot recently and from day 1 after using the block, I've felt some relief. I look forward to more of your on-line classes and learning different ways to use the block."Thanks again Lisa!


Tracy L

No more knee pain

I had a lot of trouble with my left knee. For 20 years I couldn't go up the stairs, after 3 months on the Block I can go up, down, sideways, whatever.

Diane McDougall

Stress relief

I have a lot of stress problems with work with my neck and upper back area. Since I have been doing the videos, especially the core poses it has helped me relax and just feel more that I can take on life's struggles. I highly recommend it.


Lory Dubois

No more lower back and shoulder pain

I am so grateful to Lisa for introducing me to this practice. Blocking has helped alleviate my lower back pain and unlock my frozen shoulders. The atmoshere of the in-person classes are friendly and relaxed, just like Lisa. They are the perfect compliment to the on-line videos as they allow one to get personal feedback on correct positioning and technique. I've had amazing results in such a short time... wish I had heard of this practice years ago.


Dr. Kerry Dust

Block Therapy Classes

Weekly Block Therapy classes (in-person or on-line)
Tuesday's at 7:00pm CST at Springfield Wellness Center
Cost:  $112 for 8 weeks in-person and $80 on-line starting Oct. 11

Block Party
Book a 60-90 minute block party and show your friends and family how wonderful block therapy is for your health (in-person in Wpg and surrounding areas or on-line through Skype). 
Cost: $35-$45 per person and blocks are included (3 person min.)

Block and Sugar Talk- Let's block for 60 minutes and talk sugar for 30 minutes. Sugars are not created equal. Which ones are better/worse for our waistline, blood sugar and inflammation in the body.
Cost: $45/person  and blocks are included (3 person min.)


Block Therapy Beginner Workshop
Learn all about the benefits of block therapy and join in a 75min class. You'll be amazed how great you feel. Please contact me for more information and to register.
Date: Monday November 28
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Place: Spingfield Wellness Center
26 153, MB-15 Dugald, MB
Cost: $20